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L'ipertermia come terapia clinica

L'uso della Ipertermia nella cura di varie patologie

stetoscopioL'ipertermia nella terapia di varie patologie in un articolo scientifico proveniente dalla Spagna.





Dr. Carlo Pastore

Rev Enferm. 2011 Apr;34(4):12-7.

Hyperthermia. Modification of body temperature as clinical therapeutics.

[Article in Spanish]

Vicuña Urtasun B, Villalgordo Ortin P, Montes García Y, Marín FB.


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The application of heat or cold therapy is called thermotherapy Thermotherapy has been used since ancient times, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used solar radiation or submersion in springs to apply heat and ice and snow for cold application. The first scientific references related to thermotherapy appear in late eighteenth century but the twentieth century when the introduction of new forms of deep heat therapy have expanded their capabilities and their operation with media surface more comfortable and effective. Thermotherapy although they require more experimentation to obtain a solid scientific proof that their use is raising great expectations in various fields such as oncology treatment, surgery neurology etc. In the surgical field thermal ablation has been used successfully in the treatment of various diseases, benign prostatic hyperplasia, liver and gynecological tumors, among others. In the field of oncology has been shown to improve outcomes diathermy applied in conjunction with chemo and radiation therapy Based on the literature review describing the main uses of the change in temperature as a therapeutic, the main indications for these techniques, as applicable, evidence of its benefits and complications arising from their use.

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